Pheed: The Up and Coming

Pheed sign up

So listen up guys… There’s this really cool, top secret app that I am putting money on being the next big thing.

With a 4 out of 5 star rating on Apple’s app store reviews, consumers are loving it. “…it is unparalleled in it’s scope. The greatest app ever created.” -Pugtrades. “Highly recommended” -Ori Rakib. Launched in October, 2012 by founder O.D. Kobo, the app is called Pheed, which is an ironically simple name for a social media website. Everyone refers to the continuous flow of posts from their friends as either their “timeline” or their “news feed.” So why not call the next popular social media site “Pheed?”

Anyways, I thought I would try making my own account, so I could be ahead of everyone else who is about to join the social bandwagon.

SETTING UP: So far I have set up my account. Here it is. I was even able to use my Facebook to sign up! Super simple. (lazy people would appreciate this) I created my username: @Jaclynblanchard. (with an @ symbol in front, just like Twitter and Instagram) Then Pheed asked me to choose a background image. I secretly loved this. I remember reluctantly switching from Myspace to Facebook and missing those customization features like adding your own music playlist and background image. (I did not, however, miss those obnoxious usernames everyone had. i.e. Basketballislife4ever1!)

CONNECTING: Pheed allowed me to set my profile to private and create a bio. Pretty standard for social media sites I think. But NEXT it showed me all my Facebook friends who already have a Pheed account, so I can connect with them. (18 out of my 1,862 friends, so I am still ahead of the game!)

WHAT’S DIFFERENT:  Last, I took the ‘tour’ on how to use and navigate Pheed. Surprisingly, it is set up VERY similar to Instagram with all the navigating icons at the bottom. The big difference however, is that Pheed allows you to filter your timeline, so you can only see texts, photos, videos, audio, whichever you’re in the mood to see. You can also filter out any reposts that you have already seen. (VERY useful)

I know you guys want a quick peek of the app, so here you go.


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