What Should Pheed Do?


In simplest terms, Pheed should mirror its competition. The competition being Instagram and Snapchat. Because the two competitors’ apps have more than double the amount of Pheed’s total users, Pheed’s new owner, Mobli, will have to manage Pheed with tender, love, and care.

COMPETING WITH INSTAGRAM: Look at Instagram’s most popular features that users are obsessed with, and implement something even better into Pheed. The live pay-per-view is good. Build on that. Possibly add a group live broadcasting ability. This would likely encourage users to get their friends to join Pheed as well.

Another big opportunity for the app is correcting where Instagram went wrong. I hear a lot of complaints about negative comments and cyber bullying on the Gram. Start a marketing campaign with a #hashtag that focuses on Pheed’s encouraging comments. Censor the evil-natured comments more heavily on the social app, and stress this in marketing efforts. People will follow the movement.

Also, the direct messaging system on Instagram is not very user-friendly. Make Pheed’s messaging system better. Make notifications pop up, alerting users when they get new mesages. Instagram does not notify you in a noticeable way when you get a new message. Improve their flaw.

One more difference Pheed should ensure that their app has is making it easier for users to find other local Pheeders. Instagram only pulls from your Facebook friends IF YOU set it up correctly to sync. However, there is no page with suggestions of local people you may know or want to know. Improve this. Pheed can have a whole suggestions page which will multiply total users for the social network.

COMPETING WITH SNAPCHAT: Completely and thoroughly look to Snapchat for inspiration on how to increase revenue. Snapchat makes advertisements FUN for users, which is KEY. They don’t drive users away with ads. They actually encourage more businesses to want to advertise through them.

Pheed should copy this technique. Input advertisements in a slick way. Have businesses create a funny short clip with the brand’s name in the ad. Have the app’s home page (for everyone to see) full of these funny “videos.” (advertisements) This will make Pheed some serious money while also making users happy. Best of both worlds.


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