What Should Pheed Do?

Recommendations: In simplest terms, Pheed should mirror its competition. The competition being Instagram and Snapchat. Because the two competitors’ apps have more than double the amount of Pheed’s total users, Pheed’s new owner, Mobli, will have to manage Pheed with tender, love, and care. COMPETING WITH INSTAGRAM: Look at Instagram’s most popular features that users are obsessed with, and … More What Should Pheed Do?

Instagram or …Pheed?

 Instagram or …Pheed? Reading that, you probably think the choice is a no-brainer seeing as you more than likely don’t even know what Pheed is. Exactly. Thank you for proving my point. Pheed is no competition to Instagram. The problem is that Pheed’s competition IS INSTAGRAM. THE BIG IG:  Instagram has about 400 million monthly active users and … More Instagram or …Pheed?